About Me

I spent the majority of my working career within the NHS but by the time I reached my late-forties I had experienced a number of life transitions including the breakdown of a 30 year marriage. 

Even though the relationship had been failing for a while I was devastated.  Nothing had prepared me for the heartbreak I felt and the other associated losses that came with it.  Even though I had worked with bereaved people in the past, because no-one had died, I didn’t realise I was grieving and there was little out there to help me. 

I know how it feels to have a broken heart and in my quest to find something that would help me I found a whole new career helping others to navigate their way through a difficult life transition. 

I am a Certified Life Coach and Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and spent time in the past working as a Bereavement Support Worker with Cruse