If you’ve found your way to this page, then I’m guessing you’ve been going through a horrible time after someone you love has died.  Even though we will all encounter the death of a loved one during a lifetime, and sadly it will normally be more than one, we have never really been taught how to deal with the grief that happens to us afterwards.  In the early days following the death there can be a sense of shock and disbelief but it tends to be a busy time arranging the funeral and probably with lots of people offering help and support.  Once this is over, everyone else goes back to normal but for the bereaved they are left in a sometimes overwhelming and bewildering new world where a lot of things are familiar, but everything has changed. 

Because we haven’t been taught how, we often don’t grieve in a way that brings us to a conclusion and we can be left with unresolved grief around our loss.  If we have regrets around the relationship, we had with the loved one who died, we can find ourselves going over and over things in our head as we try to accept the loss.  As we go through life and accumulate more losses unresolved grief can have a real impact on our ability to be happy. 

If you work with me as a client using the Grief Recovery Method, I not only provide support and a safe space to talk about your feelings but also an effective and structured programme for you to follow that will help you move beyond the pain of your loss.  The programme is split into 7 set sessions where I will teach you a set of tools to help you work through your grief.  Once learnt it is a tool for life that you can use to help you through any loss you experience in life. 

To give a quick summary of what to expect:

Sessions 1, 2 and 3

We will take a look at the beliefs and assumptions you have around bereavement and grief, many of which would have been laid down in childhood.  This will help you understand more about grief and what coping habits you may have developed, both the ones that are helping you and the ones that may be keeping you stuck in your grief. 

I will also help you Identify any number of “short term energy relieving behaviours” that you may be using to try and help you, but which are short term and won’t really deal with your underlying grief issues.

Session 4

In this session we will explore all of the different losses you have experienced during your life and decide on which one you want to address first.

Sessions 5, 6 and 7

We will explore the loss you have decided to work on to find out if there are any regrets or ‘unfinished business’ around that relationship.  I will then teach you a set of actions which will help you become ‘complete’ with the relationship.  While you may still be sad from time to time, because after all grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss, these actions help you say goodbye to the pain of your loss and bring your grieving to a conclusion.