The pain of a broken heart can be the worst pain in the world. Whether you are the rejected partner, or whether you are the partner who brought the relationship to an end – the relationship which you have invested in and once probably seemed so filled with promise is now lost. Heartbreak can be intense and all consuming, overwhelming, it can feel like the end of your world.

Relationship breakdown can leave you with regrets and sadness, to such an extent that you become stuck. Despite the passage of time past relationships can continue to hold you back from fully experiencing a positive and loving partnership

How do you know if your past relationships are getting in your way?

  • You keep finding yourself in the same relationship ruts
  • You find yourself comparing your current partner to your ex
  • You feel stuck
  • Thinking about a past relationship makes you sad
  • You no longer believe its possible to find happiness within a romantic relationship

If you want to get rid of relationship baggage from your past and get your mojo back, come and work with me.