Here in the UK we live in a society where we do not comfortably speak about death and loss. We often don’t know what to say to each other as adults and many of us struggle to know how to communicate with our children.

Children learn how to deal with loss by watching what their parents and other adults around them do. With this in mind, what are you teaching your children or children that you care for about coping with grief?

Of course, bereavement isn’t the only loss that a child might encounter. A child can feel grief around the divorce of parents, family estrangement, the death of a pet, moving to a new house or school, being bullied to name but a few.

How do you feel when a child asks you questions about loss or grief? Do you get that sinking feeling and struggle to find the right words? Do you tell the emotional truth? Or do you try and change the subject?

I offer the ‘Helping Children With Loss’ programme which is ideal for parents and also those involved with children’s care such as teachers, nursery workers etc. This certified training programme, for adults, will teach you how to communicate with the children in your care about losses they have experienced and those they yet might face. The programme consists of four x 2 hour sessions and attracts 16 CPD points