Love life

There’s no getting away from it. Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad. There are also times when we feel lost and stuck, things have happened to us that leave us with regrets and sadness that we can’t seem to move on from. Sometimes we may feel that the present or future can’t possibly be as good as a time in life that has passed. Despite the passage of time the past continues to hold you back from fully experiencing the good things in life.

Research has shown that continually focusing on the past can lead to poor mental health with more symptoms of anxiety and depression. Holding on to your past can leave you feeling tired all the time, not able to sleep at night and impact on your health.

How do you know if your past is getting in your way?

  • You keep finding yourself in the same rut with jobs or relationships
  • You feel stuck
  • Thinking about the past makes you sad
  • You are afraid of what the future holds for you
  • There is a period in the past that you frequently reminisce about and would love to return to, given the chance
  • You just don’t feel as happy as you would like to

If this describes you, I can help. Would you like to move from feeling stuck and unhappy to finding an exciting vision of the future? Open up to opportunities to design a life you love? Come and work with me, make peace with your past and step confidently into the future.