Relationships are wonderful things when they are going well. Having said that they do need constant care and attention. Sometimes relationships struggle, arguments or sulking can be the order of the day and life within the relationship becomes difficult. You lose sight of the good times and feel pessimistic about your future together. Sometimes its very clear what isn’t working in a relationship, there has been some huge incident like one of the partner’s cheating but sometimes its more subtle and its hard to know what to do to get back on track or maybe you feel that breaking up is the only option left.

If you’re in this position ask yourself these questions:

Do I still love my partner?

Do I want this relationship to work?

If the answer is yes and you want to try and improve your relationship, then consider working with me. By working on yourself first and getting some understanding of your own relationship style and how you function within a relationship can bring about positive change for the two of you.