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The transition of the Empty Nest

The transition of the Empty Nest I clearly remember the day my youngest child left for university.  I cried most of the way home after dropping him off!  Making the transition from full-time mum to an empty nest was a really challenging one for me.  I remember afterwards I would wistfully watch parents with younger […]

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Has your relationship lost that loving feeling?

The months of lockdown seem to be taking their toll on some relationships.  A recent survey carried out by Relate in April showed that out of 2000 people interviewed, 12% doubted any future for their relationship.  This figure rose to 21% for 25-34 year olds.  23% said it had put great pressure on their relationship.  […]

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Why Lockdown May Have Made Your Breakup More Painful

Why Lockdown Might Have Made Your Breakup More Painful Relationship breakdown is painful at the best of times but for those who have found themselves with a broken heart during lockdown, they may have found it harder to cope than they would have if things were normal. Some weeks into lockdown I received a call […]


Is My Relationship Over?

Today, 6 January 2020 is also known as Divorce Monday.  This is due to the surge in numbers of couples contacting solicitors to begin divorce proceedings after the Christmas holidays.  Sometimes the stress of trying to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas and spending all that time together can bring relationships which were already struggling to crisis […]


Tips for coping with the Christmas season following personal loss

As another Christmas season approaches, everywhere you look there are bright lights and sparkles.  You are encouraged to have ‘The Best Christmas Yet!’  but if you’ve had a significant personal loss either recently or in the past you may be feeling a sense of dread or that you want to avoid the festive season altogether.  […]